Sunday, November 24, 2013

Introducing new Zero-Shine sealer!!

Introducing new Zero-Shine sealer!!

I'm sure you would agree, the #1 complaint about stamped concrete is the shine.

We can't agree more.

Natural stones are traditionally not sealed. Natural stones such as flagstone, PA bluestone, Tennessee flagstone are typically not sealed because people really like the dry look. The dry look simply looks more natural. We can't agree more.

So if the dry look is better, why is stamped concrete sealed with shiny sealer?

Stamped concrete is sealed for several reasons. First, the sealer brings our the actual colors. Without sealer, colored concrete looks very different than with sealer. Without sealer, the colors in stamped concrete would be 3-4 shades lighter, softer, paler than with sealer. The sealer also brings out the highlight (release) color. So without sealer, the colors look much more monotone, ie without the traditional 2-tone marbled look.

When stamped concrete is sealed, a choice of sealer is available from high gloss, to low gloss and a few in between. Sealer are referred to by their percent acrylics or "solids". So a higher content solids (acrylics) create higher gloss. High gloss sealers are typically 30%-35% solids, medium gloss sealers around 25% solids and low gloss sealers around 18% solids.

Some stamped concrete installers like to use high gloss, thus the shiney look. Some installers use a medium gloss. We traditionally use a low gloss sealer.

The problem is that even the lowest gloss traditional sealers still leave a bit of shine, and for some customers is unacceptable.

We are very aware that most all customers don't like stamped concrete to be shiney. We have been experimenting with the use of low gloss sealers for many years. We have recently found and helped to develop the lowest gloss, "no shine" sealer that we have used to date.

This sealer, for all practical purposes, leaves no shine at all, thus our name "zero shine". This sealer leaves a very natural look.

We are calling this new style "Garden Stone"

We hope you like it.

Salzano Custom Concrete


Wanted to add a few more notes. We are in the process of building another variation of the new "Garden Stone" patio mentioned in the post above. The new patio is a PA bluestone style surface. The base color will be blue/green slate color with grout work and multi-color accents. We build many such patios, but use our traditional sealer that leaves a bit of a shine behind. The new one we are now building will use the new ultra low gloss sealer as pictured above. We hope that the combination of our unique coloring technique together with no-gloss sealer will produce the most realistic stamped concrete yet.

We will certainly post pictures as soon as our lastest patio is ready to show... stay tuned!!