Thursday, December 11, 2014

I had an unusual patio project to resolve and met with four different contractors to discuss possible solutions.
C.J. from Salzano Custom Concrete was the fourth and most professional and informative.  He listened to my objectives
and concerns and addressed each one clearly. I considered all my options and costs and decided to go with the 
stamped concrete over a wooden deck or natural stone.  C.J. told me to visit a nearby job they had done years ago that 
used the same pattern and colors we were leaning towards.  Seeing and inspecting the finished product made it easy to 
decide and I gave them a deposit.  I was given a detailed contract explaining the process, cost and schedule.
The crew showed up on time and went to work while I watched with interest and amazement at the process and 
efficiency of such.  In TWO days my patio was complete and transformed into something far greater than we had envisioned.
Thanks C.J. and crew for a fabulous job.  You solved my water drainage problem, made my patio beautiful AND saved me money!