Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wood Styled Concrete Flooring

Concrete wood style floor by Salzano Custom Concrete.
Faux wood floors, made of concrete, are one of the latest trends in the interior design industry. The Lushome website mentions that “polished concrete flooring is ideal for contemporary home interiors that your want to look simple and neat. Polished concrete floors are easy to clean, as these flooring ideas create less porous surfaces.”

Different Styles of Stamped Concrete

Why would you want to choose a stamped concrete floor over more traditional flooring? Wood or tile floors are more difficult to keep up, can scratch or chip and are susceptible to damage if installed in a damp area, such as a basement or outdoor patio. Unless you get up close and carefully inspect our projects, it’s almost impossible to tell that the floor is made from stamped concrete and not real cobblestones or wood floorboards.

Don’t settle for boring old concrete floors anymore. Did you know you can choose from many different patterns of stamped concrete from our company, Salzano Custom Concrete? Ask to see photos of our current installations, including a basement floor we made look like a wood floor.

Low Maintenance Concrete Flooring

This popular flooring trend allows home owners to get the look of wood in areas not usually recommended for a wood floor installation such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. There’s no need to worry about pet accidents or spilled milk on a concrete floor as they are nearly impervious to moisture and clean up quickly with a damp mop.

There are many styles of concrete flooring to choose from including a stamped concrete pattern, which mimics the look of brick. We add custom colors and stains to the flooring before applying a final finish to seal and protect the surface of the concrete. So the next time you’re planning a remodeling project, consider adding a stylish concrete floor to the design.

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