Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stamped Concrete vs Pavers

We do installations of both stamped concrete and pavers.
I personally go on 300-400 sales calls each year to discuss new patios and other hardscape projects with customers. One of the most frequent questions is regarding stamped concrete vs pavers.

Which is better?
Which is cheaper?
Which looks better?
Which has less maintenance?

If you go online and lookup "stamped concrete vs pavers" it is very unfortunate what you find ... list after list after list of paver companies misrepresenting the comparison. It is an easy list to sway any direction you want. If you install only stamped concrete, its easy to make stamped concrete look like the best choice. If you are a paver installer, your lists will make stamped concrete look horrible.

Please, if you are writing such a list or reading these lists, be sure you understand the right information.

The best way to get accurate information is to find a company (like us ..) that installs both. We don't have any interest in trying to persuade you from one into the other. We prefer to "put all the bad news on the table" and let you decide.

Salzano Custom Concrete
pavers vs stamped concrete

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