Tuesday, December 19, 2017

What is broom finish concrete?

What is broom finish concrete?
We talked quite a bit with customers about various surface types, styles of concrete. Much of our business is stamped concrete that is the process where we stamp Impressions into the surface of the concrete resembles brick or stone or other.

There are other concrete surface types that are more basic and also less expensive including broom finish concrete. Broom finish concrete is the name for regular, basic concrete you might see on a regular
city sidewalk. This is also referred to as brushed concrete. This is the process where a broom is drawn through the surface of the concrete as the concrete is hardening. If you look close you can see faint lines running through the concrete by the broom.

Broom finish, or brushed concrete has been around for many many years likely a hundred or more. The main objective for brooming concrete is for traction. For exterior concrete broom finish surface provides nice traction when the concrete is wet.

Broom finish, or brushed concrete is typically not colored, and is typically very light gray or even a off-white color particularly when it is new. Over time when it is weathered it turns more of a Light Beige tone. Color of brush concrete can vary depending upon the part of the country where it was manufactured due to various types of ingredients used in the concrete from different stories and other suppliers.

Broom finish concrete can also be colored, typically color added to the concrete either in the concrete mixer truck were at the plant while it is being manufactured.

Hope this helps explain some concrete terminology. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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