Friday, December 22, 2017

What is Vertical Stamped Concrete?

What is vertical stamped concrete?
We have had several customers asking about vertical stamped concrete.

Here are some of the questions that we get.
If you need framing to keep the concrete contained while it is wet how can you stamp the side vertical edges if the wood framing is in the way?
If you are going to build a sitting wall around the outside perimeter of the patio, why wouldn't you build that with vertical stamping rather than real stones?
I've heard of vertical stamping I assumed it would be about half the cost of real Stone because it's made out of concrete, no?

------ Well these are all great questions and deserve some explanation. First of all, in most cases vertical stamping is not done when concrete is initially poured. The one customer was absolutely right, the wood framing is in the way so no way to stamp vertically when the concrete still wet. Vertical stamping almost always refers to a coating that is put onto bare concrete after it is dry, then stamping tools are used to stamp a pattern into the coating. Together the coating with the stamping resemble stamped concrete but it is referred to a vertical stamped overlay.

Most all of the same color choices and stamp impression choices are same for stamped concrete and also for vertical stamped overlay.

As for cost, vertical stamped overlay can be a bit cheaper than Natural Stone but typically not as cheap as you might think. Usually vertical stamped overlay can take more time, more labor but the material is less expensive which trades are for less time and more expensive for Natural Stone.

One advantage for the vertical stamped overlay is the coating is typically only quarter to half-inch thick whereas Natural Stone can be 2 in thick or so.

Hope this helps, feel free to contact us anytime to discuss further.

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