Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why do some patio stick up out of the ground?

Lots of customers ask why concrete slabs or patios sometimes stick up out of the ground particularly the sections further away from the house.

Customers often ask why can't you dig more to lower the concrete so it is at ground level. Most often customers want concrete to be at or below blades of grass or right with the level of the ground in their yard.

Concrete could be installed to follow the existing terrain, problem is most customers would not want that either. Most customers would want a patio, let's say, to be essentially level, of course with a small bit of slope to drain water off. That level of the patio is typically not as sloped as the backyard thus why the concrete at the outside edge of the patio can be higher than ground level. This is very typical where a patio at the outside perimeter would be 4 in or 8 in or even a foot higher than ground level. Patio is typically a level surface being installed in an area where the ground is not level.

The suggested approach would be to initially build the concrete at the correct elevation with it being higher than ground level at the outside perimeter then after the concrete is installed backfill the area around that outside edge in other words bring in additional topsoil and put it around the outside edge to essentially raise the ground to accommodate the new elevation of the concrete.

This is a very confusing topic and customers are not used to seeing concrete up out of the ground this way. Customers typically see concrete that has been installed for one year or 5 years or 50 years where the landscaping and surrounding terrain have been adjusted already. That Landscaping part of the project is something that has to be explained so this makes sense.

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